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Banting’s Garden Consultation

At Banting’s we offer personalized Garden Plan Consultations. Call now if you are thinking of revamping your front or backyard, or if you have a new addition or construction. Garden Plan fees vary from $500 for a standard ¼ acre lot, while larger yards and new constructions are estimated by the job.

  • Our Banting’s Specialist will call you to set up a personalized appointment on location to discuss your Garden Plan.

  • We will to take measurements, photographs, and document the conditions and potential obstacles. From here our Banting’s Specialist will transfer the site to paper and will begin to build your Garden’s Plan.

  • We will then propose a follow-up meeting at Banting’s to view the layout of the Garden Plan and discuss proposed plant, tree, and shrub varieties.

  • We offer two types of purchase options in addition with the Garden Plan.

  1. Plants and Installation

  2. Plants and Do It Yourself

  • Installation Date or Delivery Date is agreed upon payment.



Fee is a $50 minimum, or 12% of total purchase price, whichever is greater.

We do our best Monday - Friday to provide Same Day deliveries, but during our Peak Season delivery times are scheduled according to geographic location, volume, and availability.


Horticulturalist on Site

We have licensed horticulturalists onsite. They provide our plants quality care and keep up to date on the latest horticultural research. They, along with the rest of our knowledgeable staff, will be happy to answer your gardening questions!


Soil Testing

Don’t Guess. Soil Test! Providing your plants with proper nutrition is vital. Have your soil tested before planting.

Pick up an LSU soil testing kit from our Banting’s locations. Once your results are in, our staff will help you interpret your results and provide proper gardening solutions!