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Hi y’all! I’m Fluffy, the nursery cat. I write Banting’s monthly gardening blog.

As the resident expert in all things gardening, I use the power of the pen to entertain my audience and deliver informative content. (I am also getting paid extra in cat treats) 

I hope you enjoy my updates and of course come visit me at Banting’s. I always enjoy a pet!

October 2019

October has finally arrived. A month all my humans seem to get very excited over. I’m not so sure. In their heads, they believe October has cool, crisp weather. They order these orange, round balls…I think they are called pumpkins for the nursery.

Weird creatures humans. They requested I craft a fall photo video from both store locations. You best enjoy, as I it took me DAYS to create. Having no opposable thumbs is sometimes a setback.


“Pumpkins” as my humans call them have arrived at the nursery. I find them to be strange round play toys for cats, but a bit too heavy in my opinion. Let me tell you, we have a lot of them! Plenty of colors and sizes. I have included this chart on our pumpkin varieties we offer.

Pumpkin Flyer 2.jpg
Pumpkin Flyer 1.jpg

Fall Photo Areas

So I had a strange human poking around my nursery last week. He kept moving plants and pumpkins all around. I thought he had lost his marbles until my humans made me aware he came to do visual merchandising….Some fellow named William from Abat-Jour LLC.

He created fall photo areas at both locations. Says that we should give families an area for photo opportunities. In my opinion, I think it should have been a photo area for cats, which is why I have included one of my favorite photos from the photo area. I don’t understand how he gets paid to move things around. When I move things around, my humans yell at me….ugh…

Oyster, the Lacombe nursery cat, posing for a photo

Oyster, the Lacombe nursery cat, posing for a photo

Anna, one of my humans, posing in Bridge City

Anna, one of my humans, posing in Bridge City


Control Whiteflies, Aphids, & Scale

Moving on to gardening news. Those pesky bugs are at it again. Now is the time to spray plants like crape myrtle, camellia, holly, gardenia, magnolia, and citrus if you find scale, whitefly, or aphids. An indicator for whitefly, aphids, and scale is formation of black sooty mold on the leaves of your plant.

Magnolia scale. Photo by Dan Gill

Magnolia scale. Photo by Dan Gill

Sooty Mold on Crape Myrtle

Sooty Mold on Crape Myrtle

Black sooty mold is a fungus that grows on the surface of plant leaves. The insects feed on the sap of your plants and excrete honeydew that the sooty mold feeds on.

To control sooty mold you must control the insects feeding on the plant. To control, use acephate, imidacloprid, malathion or other recommended insecticides on ornamental plants. Organic options are neem oil, horticultural oil and spinosad. We offer these options at Banting’s to help control your pest problems.

Treat Mealy Aphids.jpg
Treat Mealy Bugs Aphids.jpg

New Orleans Fall Garden Festival

Banting’s is participating in the New Orleans Fall Garden Festival. Hmphh…I wasn’t invited. My humans say that it’s sure to be a fun time with plenty of fall decor like mums, pumpkins, crotons, and more. Mark your calendars for the following date:

New Orleans Fall Garden Festival- Saturday & Sunday, October 5th & 6th

Sat 10am-5pm New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park

Sun 10am-4pm


Mum Report

Mums are budded and blooming at our mum growing operation in Lacombe. Mums are available at both Banting’s locations. Many colors to choose from including red, yellow, and purple!


Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in October

Once the weather cools down a bit this month, it’s time to get create your vegetable and herb garden.

Vegetables to plant this month:



Brussels Sprouts





Bonnie Green Leaf Lettuce.jpg

Herbs to plant this month:












Bonnie Rosemary.jpg

September 2019

Where is the fall weather? This is blasphemy. Fall is the time for planting, but let’s face it we are in Louisiana and the cooler weather has not yet arrived.

I’ve highly considered migrating north for the summer as my fur is thick and luxurious. I’m not designed for this Louisiana heat. My humans claim I don’t have the money to move north…..little do they know. Regardless, I grace them with my presence year-round as I know they cannot run the nursery without me.

Moving on to gardening news. Fall is the time for planting, but you need to wait to add those cool season bedding plants to your garden until late September- early October. Of course, a garden would not be complete without plants, so now is the time to rip out your finished summer annuals (might I suggest a dog’s help? The mangy mutts are good for something) and plant more warm-season bedding plants or heat tolerant cool-season plants like snapdragons and petunias.


Fall Festivals

Banting’s is participating in two fall festivals. Hmphh…I wasn’t invited. My humans say that it’s sure to be a fun time with plenty of fall decor like mums, pumpkins, crotons, ornamental peppers, and more. Mark your calendars for the following dates:

Folsom Fall Garden Festival- Saturday, September 28th

8:30am-2:30pm Midland Church Park Highway 25 N, Folsom LA

New Orleans Fall Garden Festival- Saturday & Sunday, October 5th & 6th

Sat 10am-5pm New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park

Sun 10am-4pm


Mum Report

Mums are growing larger everyday! We expect blooms mid to late October!

Even though I do not reside at the Lacombe in Banting’s, my other cat minions live there. Visit our mum growing operation in Lacombe.


Time to Seed Vegetables!

You may think September is a dull month, well never fear, you can still seed vegetables in your garden for a bountiful harvest this fall! Banting’s offers a variety of vegetable seeds at both locations in Lacombe and Bridge City. Of course, you must come by the Bridge City location as I reside there and I’m fabulous. Vegetables to seed in September include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bruseels sprouts, collards, mustard greens, kale, kohlrabi, and turnips.

2019 Ferry Morse Seeds.jpg

V.I.P. Coupon Club

My humans crafted a unique way for you to save money. I have a weakness for a good coupon, so I to am a member. Watch the video to learn how to sign up. (It’s a simple text message. Even a dog can do it….maybe.)


August 2019

Ugh….Have I told you how much I hate the sweltering heat and pesky bugs? Fall needs to arrive now.

Cool off Indoors with a Houseplant

I’ve spent most of my time with my humans in the a/c of the office, although I really don’t like paperwork…and they don’t like when I try to help. If you’re like me and need to stay out of the heat, I recommend creating a houseplant oasis for yourself.

Bring the green indoors. My humans grow a large selections of houseplants in the greenhouses. They have even created a video on the benefits of houseplants. Check it out, I’m going indoors to take a brief nap.


Fall is Coming! We are Growing Mums!

My humans get over excited about everything, but they are human.

With fall coming, they are in full growing mode. Mums, mums, and

more mums! Check out the video to view our mum growing operation.

We will also have a large selection of pumpkins and ornamental peppers.


Birthday Surprise!

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