March 2019


Spring Has Sprung!

March begins the spring season here in South Louisiana. I am busy preparing for full sunbathing duties here at the nursery.

Unfortunately with warmer weather comes plant pests and disease.

Lucky for you, Banting’s has what you need.

We believe in integrated pest management including beneficial insects like ladybugs!

Ladybugs feed on pest insects like aphids and mites! We sell ladybugs at the nursery!


Crape Myrtle Pruning:

Please stop the crape murder! As a cat, I believe in beautiful design in the landscape. Nothing looks worse than an improperly pruned crape myrtle. It also can cause disease susceptibility for the tree. Blach! We partnered with LSU AgCenter county agent, Will Afton, to bring you a proper crape myrtle pruning video. For all of cat kind, take two minutes to watch this wonderful video!


Soil Testing:

The nursery tells me that it’s important to test your soil before planting……….If you ask me dirt makes my fur cake and I’m not a fan.


Nonetheless, soil testing is very important before creating your garden.

We have Soil Testing Kits available at the nursery.

Send in your soil sample to the LSU AgCenter and once you receive your results, we can help you interpret them and provide solutions!

We need to make sure the plant can receive proper nutrition from your soil before planting!