July 2019

4th of July has come and gone. America, yes!! Fireworks, no!! I spent the whole night hiding in the greenhouse.

Anyways, onto the monthly news.

Banting’s Coupons for Humans with Opposable Thumbs

My humans wanted me to inform you on their “genius” idea. You can have a weekly Banting’s coupon sent directly to your phone via text. Text BANTINGS1 to 484-848 for Banting’s in Bridge City. Text BANTINGS2 to 484-848 for Banting’s on the Northshore.

I’m not sure what’s so great about phones…although I don’t have opposable thumbs. Blasphemy! If I were a smart human, I would sign up for both coupons. I assume that would mean double the gardening savings?



As it is hot and dry here in Louisiana, make sure to mulch your plants. Mulching helps conserve

moisture and helps to suppress weeds….although mulch always seems to get in my fur!

Watch the video from my human plant experts for more info on proper mulching techniques.


Helpful Products:

Banting’s offers horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps that are a less-toxic option for controlling garden pests.

Pests like aphids…ughh…those little critters are annoying.

Horticultural Oil.jpg

Butterflies & Plumbago

Ahhh….the butterflies do love summertime blooms like Plumbago. The more butterfly plants you add,

the more pollinators you will help. Don’t feel like driving to the store to purchase your pollinator plants?

You can now be just as lazy as me, although I prefer the term regal. Banting’s now offers Free Delivery

via their new online shop. Check back each week for a new selection of plants.