August 2019

Ugh….Have I told you how much I hate the sweltering heat and pesky bugs? Fall needs to arrive now.

Cool off Indoors with a Houseplant

I’ve spent most of my time with my humans in the a/c of the office, although I really don’t like paperwork…and they don’t like when I try to help. If you’re like me and need to stay out of the heat, I recommend creating a houseplant oasis for yourself.

Bring the green indoors. My humans grow a large selections of houseplants in the greenhouses. They have even created a video on the benefits of houseplants. Check it out, I’m going indoors to take a brief nap.


Fall is Coming! We are Growing Mums!

My humans get over excited about everything, but they are human.

With fall coming, they are in full growing mode. Mums, mums, and

more mums! Check out the video to view our mum growing operation.

We will also have a large selection of pumpkins and ornamental peppers.


Birthday Surprise!

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You’re welcome. Cats clearly have the best ideas. You won’t be disappointed. Banting’s newsletter is chocked full of events, planting tips, pest i.d., and more. Signup to receive the newsletter and your birthday surprise here: