Hi y’all! I’m Fluffy, the nursery cat. Banting’s has asked me to write a monthly nature news blog.

I thought about it, and as I am the expert in all things nature, I’ve decided to accept the position. (I am also getting paid extra in cat treats) 

I hope you enjoy my updates and of course come visit me at Banting’s. I always enjoy a pet!


April 2019

I’m writing in a bit of a grumpy mood. I suppose April showers bring May flowers, but I do not believe in the rain. It mats my fur!

Spring has FINALLY arrived. The warm weather is here and I can finally sun bathe (if the rain stops!).

Back to nature. Spring is the time to begin transitioning your garden from cool-season to warm-season bedding plants.

If you love birds and butterflies as much as I do, I have compiled a list between cat naps of the best plants to attract butterflies to your garden.


Banting’s Plantings: Container Garden Design

Recently my humans have opened a container design area at the nursery called Banting’s Plantings.

I am told the plant experts craft pre-made, ready-to-go, containers. They also create custom designs.

Here is a video from Banting’s to explain more along with an infographic I created for the store…………I am worn out. Extra cat naps and a vacation are in-store for me!

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