Hi y’all! I’m Fluffy, the nursery cat. I write a monthly nature news blog for Banting’s.

As the resident expert in all things nature, I use the power of the pen to entertain my audience and deliver informative content. (I am also getting paid extra in cat treats) 

I hope you enjoy my updates and of course come visit me at Banting’s. I always enjoy a pet!


May 2019

May has arrived! The weather is warm and it’s time for a month long cat nap……I mean a new blog….

If you haven’t already planted your warm season bedding plants, now is the time!

Dig out those cool season annuals (might I suggest using a dog for help) and replace them with warm season annuals that will thrive all summer long.

My humans have come up with a few ideas for your sun and shade gardens:

warm season test.jpg

What’s the Buzz: Bringing Pollinators to Your Garden

Pollinators are very important to the success of plants. Animals like hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, bats.

Pollinators are declining in numbers, so it’s best to help them out.

You can help create more nectar and pollen sources by planting flowering plants and trees. Help revive the health of pollinators!

Here is a video my humans created for plants that attract pollinators to your yard!


Pest Watch:

Those pesky aphids may be out in your garden. These insects use their piercing mouthparts to suck plant juices out of your plants.

If you have a small infestation, use a jet stream of water to knock them off your plants. Make sure to squish those bugs! (I like to use my claws) If you have a heavy infestation, there are options:

a) lady bugs- these beneficial insects eat aphids

b) insecticidal soap

c) horticultural oil

Banting’s offers these options and more in-store.

Aphids on Oleander Plant

Aphids on Oleander Plant

Lady Bugs Available at Banting’s!

Lady Bugs Available at Banting’s!


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! I’m not a huge fan of holidays, but MOMS ROCK!

I will be presenting my mom with a nice mouse…..but I hear that humans don’t love rodent gifts.

So I’ve compiled a list of the perfect gift ideas for mom. Make sure to call ahead to check our stock levels! We sell out quickly:

Knock Out Roses

Summer Crush Hydrangeas

Mother’s Day Container Gardens

Sun Hats

Banting’s Gift Cards

The Single Red Knock Out Rose

The Single Red Knock Out Rose

Summer Crush Hydrangeas

Summer Crush Hydrangeas

Mother’s Day Container Garden

Mother’s Day Container Garden

Banting’s Sun Hats

Banting’s Sun Hats

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